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Chargebacks cost the vacation rental industry and homeowners millions of dollars per year in lost revenue. Vanguard increases you and your homeowners ROI, and puts your focus on what matters most, providing an exceptional guest experience!




Your Vacation Home Sword and Shield

Vanguard Protection and Offense

Vanguard is dedicated specifically to the vacation rental, STR, and property management industry. We specialize in chargeback management for direct bookings and marketing sites such as Airbnb support, Trip Advisor,, VRBO, and more.

  • Chargeback Prevention and Alerts
  • Chargeback Representment and Management
  • Fraud Interception
  • Direct Booking Setup and Consulting
  • ROI and Guest Experience Improvement

Deliver great service experiences fast - without the complexity of traditional ITSM solutions.

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Chargeback Stats
That Matter

Vanguard combines a dual technology and experience based approach to chargeback prevention, resolution, and revenue recovery.

Stats that matter

Our rigorous security and compliance standards are at the heart of all we do. We work tirelessly to protect you and your customers.

Millions in Revenue Recovered

Chargebacks cost vacation rental companies and homeowners millions of dollars per year in lost revenue. Vanguard helps you protect and recover your homeowners revenue and prevent chargebacks before they even happen!

A Leading Chargeback Win Rate

The average merchant reported a chargeback win rate of 32%. Our average chargeback win rate is over 60%. Let our team of chargeback management experts fight for you!

The cost of chargebacks is said to rise to $117.47 billion by 2023.

86% of chargebacks are probably cases of 'friendly fraud'.

Friendly fraud has been increasing by 41 percent every two years.

75% of E-Commerce stores faced increased fraud attempts in 2021.

Dispute Resolution: We Fight For You!

We take a deep dive into where your chargebacks are coming from.

Vanguard provides complete chargeback management from our team of chargeback experts. Reducing the time your employees spend on responding to chargebacks, removing the guesswork, and most importantly protecting your homeowners hard earned revenue!

  • Marketing Source
  • Review Reason Codes
  • Subscription Cycle
  • Price Point
  • Country
  • Product Type Or SKU
  • Bank Identification Number

With VANGUARD Protecting your business and locating the problem source has never been easier!

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