Direct Booking Website

Showcase your homes and your business with your own direct booking website!

Having your own direct booking website is the best way to manage bookings, the guest experience, and build your brand! With direct bookings hosts control the stay price, add-ons, and customer billing. The best part is you and the guest both save money without paying booking platform fees. This can save you up to 20% in booking fees keeping rates lower for guests and keeping money in your pocket!

Let Vanguard help you with building a direct booking website so your guests can book directly through you. Our websites can integrate with Escapia and the major booking platforms keeping your availability calendar full of bookings and up to date! This gives guests the opportunity to find your homes through your own booking website or through the major booking platforms!

Marketing site fees can sometimes be confusing or misleading to a guest leading to unhappy stays, and increased chargebacks. Vanguard direct booking websites let you accept the reservation and collect payment from your guest securely and directly through your own website. You control the cleaning fees, reservation, pet fees, add can upsell premium packages for special occasions such as anniversaries, and through a transparent checkout process help reduce the likelihood of chargebacks.

Direct Bookings = Repeat Guests

Guests that book directly are more likely to become repeat guests. They will continue to visit your website, book the same amazing home, or try another one of your great listings. With your own direct website you can also offer loyalty programs, and repeat visit discounts. If you are looking to grow a vacation rental management business having a direct booking website is a must! Don’t just rely on the major booking platforms. Let your Vanguard direct booking website work together with them to grow YOUR brand.

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