For E-Commerce Businesses

Scale Your Ecommerce Business Safely!

Ecommerce businesses not only face the threat of revenue loss from chargebacks. But also of having their merchant account closed due unwarranted customer disputes or friendly fraud. Having your merchant account closed can disrupt your entire business and lead your customers to purchase elsewhere.

Vanguard is a great solution for Ecommerce businesses to prevent chargebacks and keep your payment processing healthy. Vanguard offers chargeback alerts, RDR, and fraud prevention to allow you to grow with the peace of mind that your business and merchant account are protected.

Using Vanguard is easy. We add chargeback alerts and RDR to your existing merchant account and you are ready to safely accept payments from your customers. It’s that simple.

Our user friendly dashboard allows you to view all of your dispute alerts, and chargebacks that have been prevented in one place

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