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Prevent Chargebacks With Vanguard
Prevent Revenue Loss and Maintain Financial Stability

Vanguard offers cutting-edge solutions to prevent chargebacks, crucial for protecting your revenue and ensuring financial stability. We provide timely chargeback alerts, allowing you to act swiftly and prevent disputes before they escalate. This proactive approach not only reduces revenue loss but also enhances your financial security, making it an essential tool for success in today's fast-paced market!

Fight Back

Fight Chargebacks and Recover Lost Revenue

Combat chargebacks and reclaim lost revenue with our targeted strategies. We provide robust dispute resolution and transaction monitoring to effectively address and reduce chargebacks. By strengthening your defense against financial disputes, our approach aids in securing your revenue and enhancing your business's financial resilience.

Recovering Revenue

Specializing in the vacation rental industry, our service offers expertly crafted chargeback responses for banks, leveraging our deep understanding of this sector to increase your win rate.

Save Staff

Most vacation rental staff members aren't trained chargeback experts. Keep them focused on what they do best, and let our chargeback specialists resolve disputes for you.

Save Money

Millions and millions of dollars are lost by businesses every year to false chargebacks. Revenue, occupancy, and homeowner confidence can all suffer from it.

The Solution

New Vanguard Chargeback Protection

Vanguard provides complete chargeback management from our team of chargeback experts. Reducing the time your employees spend on responding to chargebacks, removing the guesswork, and most importantly protecting and recovering your homeowners hard earned revenue!

We combine technology, chargeback knowledge, and vacation rental specific experience to shield homeowner revenue from false chargebacks. Automated software driven by our professionals makes fighting chargebacks easier and more efficient.


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