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Chargeback Management
Designed for Vacation Rentals and STR's.

Chargeback fighting and tracking is tedious, and you don’t have time for it. But we do! Dispute resolution can involve lengthy back and forth, and statistics show the chargeback system is not in the rental manager or homeowner’s favor. Let Vanguard level the playing field for you!

The Chargeback Challenge

The Chargeback Solution


The Chargeback Challenge

The chargeback system is confusing and unfair. It’s designed to favor the customer, and businesses are often guilty until proven innocent. You work very hard to keep occupancy high and create a fantastic guest experience. But fighting unjust chargebacks can become time consuming, confusing, and costly for your staff.

Save Time

Your staff's time is valuable. The chargeback rules are always changing, and it's very time consuming for staff members to have to not only learn, but keep up with them.

Save Staff

Most vacation rental staff members aren't trained chargeback experts. Keep them focused on what they do best, and let our chargeback specialists resolve disputes for you.

Save Money

Millions and millions of dollars are lost by businesses every year to false chargebacks. Revenue, occupancy, and homeowner confidence can all suffer from it.

The Solution

New Vanguard Chargeback Protection

Vanguard provides complete chargeback management from our team of chargeback experts. Reducing the time your employees spend on responding to chargebacks, removing the guesswork, and most importantly protecting and recovering your homeowners hard earned revenue!

We combine technology, chargeback knowledge, and vacation rental specific experience to shield homeowner revenue from false chargebacks. Automated software driven by our professionals makes fighting chargebacks easier and more efficient.


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