We Combine
3 Strategies To Protect Your Growing Business

We Combine
3 Strategies To Protect Your
Growing Business

Step 1

Prevention is Key

Review and Consulting

A chargeback prevention specialist will do an initial consultation and compliance review with you to ensure you are using best practices with accurate listing descriptions, cancellation policies, rental agreements, and collecting proper documentation prior to the booking. We’ll help you bulletproof your listing against chargebacks!


Vanguard offers fraud protection and cardholder validation using 3D Secure. This helps verify that the customer checking out on the website is the customer who owns the card, thus reducing fraud which is one of the major causes of chargebacks.

Prevention Alerts

Prevention Alerts notify an owner before a customer dispute has become a chargeback. This gives the owner an opportunity to resolve the dispute with the customer by providing a refund or a credit. The bank can then be notified that the issue is resolved and the chargeback has been prevented.

Step 2

Dispute Resolution: We Fight For You!

Receive notifications immediately when a dispute has been received because timely responses are key to winning chargebacks.

Our team of trained chargeback specialists will submit custom responses and documentation tailored to each chargeback code, and your business.

Chargeback fighting and tracking is tedious, and you don’t have time for it. But we do! Dispute resolution can involve lengthy back and forth and the customers bank can change the reason codes making it even harder to track and win a chargeback. But we don’t stop fighting until the dispute is resolved.

Step 3

Vanguard Technology

Vanguard Chargeback Protection

Our sophisticated chargeback software is data driven and powered by the latest chargeback technology. It combines machine-based learning with experienced chargeback specialists creating customized responses with the highest win rate in the industry!


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